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About us

The MORGAN Catering Equipment GmbH

is a company sells products for professional catering headquartered in Bergkirchen.

The distribution for Germany, Italy and other European countries directly through our logistics center. Best quality at reasonable price is our top priority. Quality controls with the respective manufacturers are to obtain the best possible value for money regularly prompted by our company. Through continuous development of its products, the company MORGAN Catering Equipment GmbH primarily on customer satisfaction or Reseller.

A positive feedback on products and prices

by our customers is a priority for us. Our offer prices are exclusive only for our resellers. The MORGAN Catering Equipment GmbH guarantees European rapid delivery of products through its logistics center.

The MORGAN Catering Equipment GmbH guarantees European rapid delivery of products through its logistics center.

Our sales team ensures prompt answer to your questions and ensures that the after-sales service is guaranteed.

We have 7,500 square meters of warehouse

Space and have the most popular products from our advertising always in stock.


We are looking for you!

Are you a technician (cold, gas, electric) and would like to work with us?

That's how it's done!

In this case, please send us the following information regarding, billing rates of your service in the catchment area where you are active

We would like to!

Use your performance when handling our warranty claims. After expiration of our guarantee service, you recommend to our customers

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