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  • ALI GROUP Washing Systems
    <p><a href=""><img src="" alt="" width="80" height="106" /></a></p> <p>Made in Italy</p> <p>Stainless steel wash arms</p> <p>double-walled and deep-drawn</p>
    <h4>FOR LARGE CANTEENS, SCHOOLS, HOSPITALS, HOTELS, CRUISE SHIPS, CATERING SERVICES, AIRPORTS, FOOD INDUSTRY, FOOD PROCESSING AND PREPARATION. We offer a variety of models and combinable accessories to create tailor-made washing and sorting systems.</h4> <p>  </p> <p>OUR PROJECT DEPARTMENT IS YOUR BEST ADVISER!</p> <p>Our project department is at your disposal to help you in finding the best possible solution to maximize profit and performance and to minimize cost and staff’s efforts.<br /> Ergonomic working conditions, reduced operator’s manipulation of washed objects, transport automation of objects, wide range of polycord conveying systems and of motorized sorting units: they all contribute in reaching perfection in working organization and productivity.<br /> Do not hesitate to contact us for any possible request!</p> <h4>PRICE ON REQUEST</h4>
  • Washing Systems
    <p>All of our <em><strong>M-WASH </strong></em>glasses / dishwashers are equipped with the new maintenance-free rinse / rinse aid dispenser.</p>
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