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Eck Elektro Pizzaofen "AURORA"
  • Eck Elektro Pizzaofen "AURORA"
  • Eck Elektro Pizzaofen "AURORA"

Corner electric pizza oven "AURORA"

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2 compartments: Pizza: 4 + 4 Ø 330 mm dimensions: 540x1170x1170x540x930x800 mm compartments: 490x850x850x490x510x160 mm


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Made in Italy


Our dome electric pizza ovens series best of models. The line of our dome electric pizza ovens connects them

Properties Efficiency, reliability and robustness of the product with a very reasonable price.

Our dome electric pizza ovens are characterized by a high quality standard. We use the latest

Generation of firebricks, regulators, etc. Our stoves are all handmade in Italy

Cooking is done thanks to the stainless steel Incoloy heating elements by irradiation from above for both the pizza dough and for

the oven plate. The heating elements of the stove plate are only rarely used

Thermostat can be switched on, the moisture of the pizza dough cools the oven plate. So it can continue without interruption

be worked. The top / bottom heat can be controlled via the control. The fireproof plate has that

Feature of versatility, it can bake pizza with a shovel, pizza in a tray, bread and much more. On average, the

Oven in 1.5 hours a temperature of 400 ° C. The electric oven generally does not need to be cleaned thoroughly.

Simply brush off the top of the baking residue after keeping it constant at 350 ° C for about 15 minutes

have held, please maintain the oven regularly. Our control system is able to manage one chamber of the bread / pizza oven. Independent control for current and temperature above and below. Direct control to reduce activation percentage above and below.


Timer: for manual operation; Storage of 9 programs, which can also be accessed by programmed switching on

can be. Weekly planning of chamber activation with preset timer and time.

"Rapid heating" function Energy saving function Complete management of the steam generator (generation, injection and

Venting) in both automatic and manual mode.

Memory 9 programs

Firebrick above / below

Extractor hood

Base with 5x wheels

Suitable for pizza and bread


Power: 16 kW

Temperature: 490 ° C

Voltage: 400 V.

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