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NEAPOLITAN WOOD STOVE 10-11 pizzas (330Ø)

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Number of pizzas: 10-11 pizzas 330Ø mm 

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The stoves of the Basic Line are decorated with a "Basic" mosaic, the different

Models and colors that affect our advertising ovens

(red and white, Italy black, Italy white, red and gray)


The oven is made of a Sorrentine-based briquet and adobe bricks that are resistant to high relationships. The dome is made of the same material as the base used to cook the pizza evenly. A truthful property of the land is the property of the mouth, the loss of heat loss, cooking time and consumption costs are reduced. Customers can own the diameter according to their own approaches. The dome is closed with a standard mosaic or can be personalized according to customer requirements. Shelves and decorations can also be personalized. The marble shelf is made of lava stone. The hood of the stove and the bracket with a round bottom are made of stainless steel, but can also be made of other materials such as copper, brass and iron. Our stoves are wrapped in an insulating blanket made of rolled steel, which belongs to that of the heat in the dome.


Power supply: wood or gas.

Gas consumption: 1 mc / h. Exhaust outlet: 250 mm

Recommended operating temperature: 400/450 ° C.

Smoke outlet temperature: 150 ° C at the neck of the stove. Base: heard and painted steel.

Insulation thickness: 3 to 5 cm. Hob: 5 cm thick Sorrento floor to be more distracting. Crown and dome: adobe bricks that are resistant to high rights (up to 1100 ° C). The dome is made of the same material as the bottom, so cooking the pizza is homogeneous. External structure: double ceramic insulation, sheet steel, plaster. Bottom of the oven: ceramic fiber, barrel, sand, salt, 5 cm earth and heard 5 cm Sorrento biscuit stones. External cladding: mosaic, palladiana in marble, tiles or hand-formed steel.


Version mm: 10-11 pizzas (330Ø)

Dim. Outside mm: W x C 1750 x 1950

Dim. Chamber mm: A 1500

Height mm: 2100 mm

Weight: 2500 kg

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